My favourite SCORM packager #edtech

How can you make a simple SCORM package without complex software?

I don’t have to do any particularly complex SCORM packaging so I find that the Dreamweaver plugin Manifest Maker 1.2 allows me to do whatever I need when creating multi SCO packages.  It’s a simple extension download that , once you get used to the fact that every SCORM package has to have its own ‘site’, is very simple to use.  It automatically completes the list of resources and brings up a list of all ‘launchable’ files so that you can rapidly build your menu system.  It’s so simple that it works with versions of Dreamweaver as old as 8 (maybe even older!).

It’s odd given the continued use of SCORM for rapid eLearning that there are so few free solutions.  There is the RELOAD editor created in the UK with JISC funding, but it is a real professional level tool (by which I mean it is very complex to use) and the JCA Simple SCORM Packager which is $99.  I have never used the Simple SCORM packager, even as a trial as the Dreamweaver extension does what I need.  Captivate comes with its own “aggregator” tool, which would be useful if it wasn’t for the fact that it can only splice Captivate SCORM packages into multi SCO packages.

Manifest maker wizard

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  1. Daniele says:

    This is super exciting. It’s about time smneooe solved this problem. They need to keep it apple simple to make sure it’s approachable by the widest audience.The concept is on track for the english-speaking world I wonder what are the international possibilities?

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