Free collaborative browsing on the iPad #ipaded #edtech

How can we have true in-class collaboration with iPads without having to install apps?

Still looking for really innovative and ‘game changing’ uses for the iPad that are applicable across many subjects,and found twiddla today (  I think I’d seen it before, but had just used it on a Windows PC like a shared whiteboard with chat.  Now, however, you can use it to share webpages, annotate them and discuss with the chat room on an iPad (or other tablets).

Although the feature set on the iPad is reduced compared to a laptop, it still has enough power to enable you to effectively use iPads to share resources with chat and screen annotation.  Compared with full screen mirroring (with Apple TV for example) the system has a lower bandwidth requirement as it is only sharing minimal data, so it may allow multiple devices to use a single wireless access point.  We’ll be trying various whiteboard apps, but at the moment setting up a free account with twiddla looks to be a winner.  You can even use a guest account with the system to try all the functionality except for privacy settings.  If you have netbooks you can use all of the features, including the real time collaborative Etherpad document and upload other documents.


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  1. Mobile man says:

    I’ve tried this on my iPad and there are a couple of points:
    You can use the ether pad function, you just need to select the ‘browse’ tool before you try.
    The annotations from the iPad to a PC browser don’t always match, depending on the size of the screen. If a webpage is centred the space around the side changes with the screen size.

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