Embedding Articulate Flash in a Smartboard File #edtech

Have you ever wanted to put an Articulate file or other multi-part Flash in a Smart Notebook file? No? Well, here’s how to do it anyway!

One of the interesting things about Smart Notebook files is that they are actually standard zip files containing all of the resources required.  This means that when you import a Flash .swf file into one (or are given one to use) you can turn the .notebook file into a .zip file and then extract it to remove the Flash file.

When you create an Articulate Storyline or Studio SCORM activity, it generates separate data files that are all required for the activity to run.  If you try to import that into Smartboard, it only takes the .swf and won’t work.

To embed the whole Articulate (or other data files) into a Smart Notebook file follow these instructions:

  1. Embed the main .swf in the usual way and then close Notebook software.
  2. Change the file extension from .notebook  to .zip.
  3. Extract the zip file.
  4. Navigate the folder structure to find the .swf file (you could search for .swf)
  5. Copy the data files from the Articulate project so they are in the same place realtive to the main .swf file.
  6. Zip up the folder structure again
  7. Cnahge the file extension back from .zip to .notebook.
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