How to Install the #Moodle Soundcloud filter

In UK FE Music Depts do seem to have an above interest in the use of eLearning but we have had trouble allowing them to use more sophisticated methods of interaction.  Recent, and necessary, changes to Moodle means that it is no longer easily possible to give students access to embed media, particularly the popular Soundcloud service.

Looking for a solution, I found the Soundcloud filter plugin, designed to turn soundcloud links into embedded players, and installed it on our test server.  It simply did nothing.  Checked all the settings and searched the forums and still nothing:-(

As filters are quite simple I looked into the core code and saw that “http” was hardcoded as the filter, but now Soundcloud is using “https”.  Having changed that, it started to do something.  Unfortunately the something was an oauth2 error, asking for a consumer secret and key. Again checked, the settings and the read me file but couldn’t find anywhere to put a them.  Looked at Google oauth2 etc etc, anyway you get the idea, I couldn’t find the answer!

Eventually tried to install the associated Soundcloud Repository plugin and enabled it, and it does prompt you for a Soundcloud key and secret.  To get these I signed up for a free Soundcloud account and then used Google to search for how to set up the Soundcloud oauth2 keys.  To get these you have to set up a new App on Soundcloud to get the keys, which you put into Moodle and save.  Then Moodle gives you a callback url that you paste back into Soundcloud to complete the circuit.

So now it all works!  Students can simply paste the URL of their Soundcloud file into a Moodle forum and it will embed the file AND the interactive timeline comments that I really want without having to leave the system.  Fingers crossed it will get students doing more than just uploading their assignments!

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