(Really) Essential App for #iPaded. Video compressor

I don’t have that much to do with iPads. I think that they are pretty transformative as themselves, and don’t need much exploration by ‘experts’.  However, I occasionally come across some aspects of them that I find totally bizarre.  The case in point is the complete lack of built in options for controlling the quality of video capture.  A teacher captured a range of short clips, without a great deal of action, but some still were a quarter of a gigabyte for less than 2 minutes!  A few minutes research showed that there was no way to do anything about this without an app!

OK, so Apps are often free and easy to install, and Apple like to keep their interfaces clutter free, but a High, Medium and Low slider wouldn’t take much space.

Anyway, to end the very small rant, I found this app, Video Compressor, for free.  We got it downloaded and tested, and were really pleasantly surprised by both the speed and the reduction in size.  So, if you want to do anything much with video off the iPad (and you’re missing out if you don’t), it really is an essential app!

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