Instructional video of Hotspots activity creation #edtech #elearning

This short video shows how easy it is to create rich, interactive diagram labelling exercises with my free software.  They are SCORM compatible and will send results back to Moodle and other VLEs.

Download the software here.

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  1. Aline says:

    LewisCan Sakai export an entrie course to an export file?@All, Moodle by default exports an entrie course to an open XML standard (moodle.xml) with the file system. There is no encryption on this XML export, and anyone is free to write a conversion tool that reads moodle.xml and converts it into another format as Rolf aptly describes.Open source projects generally don’t run with large profit margins or capital funding, so new features need to have either a source of funding or a source of development, documentation, and QA resources.Moodle hasn’t had the benefit of large, open ended grant funding, so larger scale development tends to be very focused on the goals of the funding sources generally larges institutions like OU, NZVLE, Intel Education, CIE, etc. who need specific functionality added to Moodle on a tightly managed budget and timeline these projects are more focused on adding more functionality to Moodle than to building export formats esp. because Moodle’s existing export format is not that hard to read and if need be convert from one XML format to another.The SCORM format is so limited in it’s ability to support the full range of Moodle (or Blackboard) features that my personal opinion is that building a SCORM export tool would be more of a marketing talking point than an actually useful feature for most people using the LMS- folks would constantly be complaining about all the functionality that can’t supported in the SCORM specification:-(.If D’Arcy or others can put together a grant or other source of the development resources to build and release a solidly coded and well tested and documented IMS CC export for Moodle, then folks in the Moodle community would be happy to include it a decent export format would really need to be IMS Common Cartridge, though, IMO.We in the Moodle development community are really working very hard to give the user community the best LMS we can with the constraints of time and resources we would love to work on a project to provide a good IMS CC export from Moodle I’ve been trying for years now with Jason Cole, Jim Farmer, Martin Dougiamas, Martin Langhoff etc. to put together a project to provide IMS CC export for Moodle the lack of it is not for lack of good faith or desire on the part of the Moodle development community however it is not a trivial project and generally non-trivial projects need to have a way to provide dedicated resources over the lifetime of the project to be successful.

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