“if your company is not using twitter then your company is going to miss out be crushed.” Aaron Lee, 2010 @AskAaronLee 471K followers

If you run a small to medium sized business or consultancy you probably already have a website, perhaps a Facebook page and even a small twitter account.  However, if you have a growth mindset or are even just seeking to maintain your position and reputation, you need to consider that twitter is the best platform for reaching out to potential customers and partners.  However, you are possibly tapping less than 25% of its potential and need to use analytics, tools and strategies to increase its impact, like the graph showing my increase in traffic below.

Growth in Twitter traffic from @parapalLearning account

Growth in Twitter traffic from @parapalLearning account

Why is Twitter the best Social Media marketing platform?

  • Twitter is an almost completely open forum.  You can talk to anyone at anytime!
  • Twitter users generally have more followers than they would Facebook friends.
  • Twitter users are more likely to follow you than accept a Facebook or Linkedin request.
  • Twitter users are also more likely to share your content.
  • You can reach out to people who aren’t even following you.
  • There are many, many 3rd party tools that can help you to grow your following or increase your marketing power.

But, the problem is that twitter is a complex world, and there are many competing ideas and approaches to getting value for money from any financial or personal time investment.  With this in mind Parapal offers 2 different Twitter services which are proven by the use of a range of analytical systems to increase impact.

  1. Twitter account management and support
  2. Twitter training and consultancy for individuals and groups