Twitter Accounts

Over the past 2 years I tried, failed and tried again to understand how Twitter ‘works’.  Now I run 2 highly successful accounts, several fast ‘growers’ and help a colleague with another.

With Twitter, one of the measures of impact is called Klout and has a score from 1 to 100.  Justin Bieber with 52.7 million followers scores 100.

My main account drives people to my website, maintains a global reputation and sends a ‘tweet’ every hour.  It has over 1,500 followers and a score of 53.  It gets from 50 to 75 retweets a week, with a reach of up to 75,000.

My ‘work’ account maintains a certain reputation and I also use it to talk to some important people in the Further Education world.  It has less than 200 followers, but a score of 47.

My growers have less than 100 followers, but have Klout of up to 30.

I help my friend with her Ladybird Book feed, which provides unique content.  It has about a thousand followers and a score of 51.  Helen tweets pictures 2 or 3 times a day, but almost all of them get shared as they are very high quality.  One particular image was shared 34 times with a potential reach of thousands of views.

All 3 accounts have only been being actively grown since the beginning of 2014.

In contrast, the account of a published and well regarded social media consultant has 46,500 followers and a score of 63.

I offer 3 services for twitter accounts.

  1. Retweet and follower support.  Helping to build reputation, followers and retweet base through the use of various 3rd party accounts.  *From £10 a month.
  2. Basic management, providing a constant twitter presence with optimised tweets for you, while you build your following and talk to your ‘customers’.  *From £10 a month.
  3. Enhanced management, providing a constant twitter presence with optimised tweets, following targeted customers (location, business and interests), building retweet base and baseline ‘customer’ communication.  *From £30 a month.

All managed accounts require a 4 month minimum up front payment as, depending upon the number of followers you already have, this is the minimum time required to build a successful account at the economical rates I offer.

* These low rates are available for small businesses with less than 5 employees.