Twitter Training

Over my 2 years of twitter usage I have used a wide range of tools and strategies in order to try, and then finally succeed in isolating several ways of building a viable return on investment.  Whether the return required is improved reputation, website traffic or carefully selected customers, it is all possible with the appropriate behaviour and tools.

I can offer training in tools and strategies to teams and individuals to enable you to maximise the potential of twitter.  As this is the 21st century this can also be delivered face-to-face or by using Skype or other remote communication software.

Training is £35 per hour after a free telephone or Skype consultation.  Face to face visits will be dependent upon a minimum length and possible travel expenses.

Some of the tools that I use include Hootsuite, Buffer, Justunfollow, Klout, Sumall and Tweetreach.  I also use WordPress plugins.