By Andy Brown

This song is a story. See if you can put it in order before you listen to the song.

Use the mouse to click and drag the lines of the song into the correct order.

Play the song. You need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player etc.




They met in the queue of the new supermarket
He was behind her when she turned and started
To talk to him about the speed of the express lane
It was way too slow slower than before they both agreed
They walked out the door around the corner to the carpark
He took a deep breath and he said "Can I see you?"
She was hesitant thinking he might be a pervert
But she took a chance suggesting a cup of coffee
They wentdown the road for some cake and coffee
There he talked to her about himself and she queried him on
his beliefs questions like "Where do you see yourself...
In ten years time?" "By the way do you like children?"

But she scared him off
He ran out of the door

Onto the street
A truck was heading for him
She went to his aid where he lay he was not moving
There was nothing she or anybody could do to help him
The truck driver claimed " He just jumped out, I did not see him."
She said "It's not your fault, by the way what are you doing tonight?"

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