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Example Exercises

1) Cloze This simple cloze exercise allows authors to remove particular words from a text (eg. prepositions, articles)

2) Proofread. This allows authors to change single words into any other group of characters without spaces. (eg: change beautiful to ________ or (beauty) or beaty or b-------l et cetera). It also allows authors to make an exercise with extra words that students need to identify.
a) Proofread
b) Word forms
c) Extra words

3) Multiple choice. Unlike most multiple choice exercises this allows authors to select any part of a text as a trigger for multiple choice options. The selected answer replaces the text that provides the trigger. This is useful for creating proofreading exercises.
a) Vocab Can only be used for single word (or phrasal verb) answers. Gives instant feedback.
b) Traditional Only gives feedback when the student clicks "Check"
c) In text Gives feedback as above.
d) With mp3 (not functional in the trial download)

4) Arrange the sentences. This is a traditional rearrange the cut up text exercise. It accepts one primary answer and two secondary answers. It also provides two forms of feedback, easy and difficult. It is limited to 10 sentence length sections.
a) No distractors (Every sentence is necessary)
b) With distractors (Some items are inappropriate) The exercise allows you to add incorrect sentences that students have to recognise as not being part of the text, and therefore leave them out of the final answer.

5) Arrange the paragraphs This exercise is similar to the one above. However, there is no limit to the length of the text or the number of sections. It only allows a single answer.

6) Arrange the words into sentences This exercise automatically cuts up sentences into individual words and jumbles them up. There can be an alternative answer and the sentence can be cut up into groups of words to make it easier.

7) Drag and drop vocab and difficult vocab. Drag the text labels onto the correct numbered box (easy), or type the answer into a text field (difficult). A link on the difficult exercise allows the student to open exactly the same questions and answers in the easier drag and drop exercise if they have any problems.
Drag and Drop Difficult vocab

8) Drag and drop. As above, but with short phrases instead of single words.