Blended Delivery Case Study

Charlie Williams

Australian Background

Overview of Self-Access and CALL

Background of the institution

Existing resources:



Explicit Goals:

Goal: To integrate a wide range of ICT into a pre-existing EAP curriculum

Implicit Goals:

Goal: To heighten awareness of ICT and educational innovation in language instruction.

First Steps:

Staff levels of ICT literacy were assessed by the use of a questionnaire

Source enough material to support existing and new staff in the curriculum by using:

Choosing 3rd Party Resources:

Criteria, in order of importance:

Creating Resources:

Criteria, in order of importance:

Making Resources Accessible:

"Marketing" the resources:

Where to put the resources?
VLE or public server?

University Virtual Learning Environment. (Blackboard, WebCT, Web Crossing etc.)

Public web server (staff or department web page.)

A staff web site was chosen because

Staff Development

Staff development is going to be essential in most organisations. But in which areas?

Problems in Staff Development

ICT staff development was difficult to organise


Specialist IT (1) Familiarity.  This staff development was conducted with groups.

Using browsers and online resources.

Specialist IT (2) Authoring.  This was conducted in groups and with individual.

Using HTML editors and exercise authoring tools.

Specialist IT (3) Administering.  This was conducted with individuals.

Uploading to a web server (VLE or other) to make the materials accessible.

General IT. Windows and Office




Of the three types of staff development this one became the most important.

Evolution of the Staff Development (1)

Originally it was intended to concentrate on specialist IT.

Evolution of the Staff Development (2)

Windows and Office skills became necessary.

Evolution of the Staff Development (3)

Pedagogy became more important.