1) New! Full Parapal authoring suite. Free for personal, non profit sites. This includes multiple choice, drag and drop vocabulary, cloze, proofreading, text ordering and word ordering exercises. Individual exercises can be combined to make modules of work for students.

2) Parapal cloze exercise authoring software for the Internet.
English and Unicode font version for teachers. Download now.
For student versions, click here.

I believe that this simple authoring software is one of the most flexible cloze systems available. Built in Flash MX it enables 3 types of cloze to be made.
1) Student centred. Students can choose exactly what they want to concentrate on, and how difficult to make the exercise. In this option the author only has to supply a text.
2) Word clozes, where every instance of words chosen by the author are removed.
3) Number clozes, where every nth word is removed and replaced by a gap (1. _____), the first letter plus a gap (1. b______) or the first half of the word plus a gap (1. beaut____).
In all versions it is possible to specify if a list of words removed from the text is visible or not.

In addition to this the player has two other important features. Firstly it includes a small typing application that allows users to enter accented or Cyrillic texts without using the keyboard. The characters can be set in the authoring software. Secondly it can be localised. All of the onscreen instructions and labels are contained in an external text file which can be edited with the instructions editor

The authoring app will only run on a Windows machine. However, it will create all of the necessary files when an exercise is saved. It makes an html index page that runs the Flash player, and it also adds new exercise names to a contents list. The whole directory can then be uploaded to a web server for use, and a single hyperlink made to the index.html file for it to be made available to students.

I have tried to make the player accessible as all of the controls can be accessed by tabbing and typing. There is also support for changing text and background colours, and sizes.

Example exercises, all student centred.
English Spanish (only one to demonstrate the typing app)

To download the teachers' software please click here (245kb exe file) or here (245kb zip file). As this is a personal project (unfortunately I am currently not attached to any educational institution) I would appreciate an html link to this page if you use it.

3) For students

Original Parapal Cloze download. Try.

New improved Parapal Cloze download. Try.

This is a downloadable program that you can make your own cloze (or gap fill) exercises. It works on your own computer so you can save your own exercises on it and keep them. To make exercises you can paste text into the form and decide which words you want to practice ("a", "an" and "the" are good ones in English). As it has been created with Macromedia Flash MX it works with any Unicode language which uses spaces between words. I have tested it with Polish and Russian on Windows XP and it worked. It will display Japanese text but won't make exercises as there are no spaces between characters.

Original Windows full download (477kb zip file)
New Windows full download (465kb zip)

Original Macintosh full download (706kb zip file)
New Mac full download (693kb zip)

If you are not sure if you want to download it, you can try it online. Exercises you make with this online version will only work when you are on the internet (although the exercise will be saved on your computer), and won't transfer to the downloadable version.

Example clozes

Choose Word cloze to make an exercise based on removing specific words. Eg. the, an, a. This will give an exercise that looks like:-
I went to 1) _____ hospital because 2) ________ friend of mine had had 3) _______ accident. He was in bed, drinking 4) _______ cup of tea.

Choose Number cloze to make an exercise by replacing every nth word with a gap, the first letter or the first half of the word. Eg. NumWords 6 and NumLets half will give an exercise that looks like:-
And then I went home to 1) m_ mother and asked her to give 2) m_ something to eat because I was 3) ve__ hungry.




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