Flash MP3 Players

Control exactly how mp3 files are played from your pages with one of these custom Flash 6 players. They are small in size and download time, and will play on most computers.

Mini MP3 Player (3kb)

with 60 by 18 size (includes Play, Pause and Slider) So small you can put it in a line of text!


with 110 by 18 size (includes Play, Pause, Back to Start, Rewind and Fast-Forward)


Medium MP3 Player (4kb)

135 by 42 size. Includes Play, Pause, Back to Start, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Playing Time and Volume Control.


Download both players (Includes Demo MP3 file)

If you download these players it would be great if you could put a link to my page on your website.

Auto font chooser FLA source file

download (54KB)


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