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#CSS3 transforms to improve the #moodle feedback activity

The Moodle feedback activity is useful in so many ways and we use it both in academic and business areas inside the college.  Unfortunately since Moodle 2 they made it … Continue reading

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#CSS3 Transforms to improve the #moodle quiz

The basic styling of Moodle has definitely moved on since the days of 1.9, with SVG icons and some CSS rollovers on course page resources. However, the individual activities still … Continue reading

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Use #CSS nth-child to Customise #Moodle and other CMS systems #edtech

I love Moodle and WordPress, but with WordPress particularly it is so easy to run the updates, and essential for security, that it makes tweaking the source code problematic.  With … Continue reading

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Make #Moodle Global Calendar Events Stand Out

Recently decided to start using the calendar for promoting global events on our Moodle installation.  The problem was that the default calendar colours don’t really grab your attention, especially as … Continue reading

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#HTML5, #CSS3 and #Jquery RSS reader for Smartphones and Tablets

This code uses jquery (1.6.4in this case) and cross browser CSS3 to make a collapsing list of RSS articles.

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iPad compatible #HTML5 #CSS3 Jquery Times Table Game Script #code

This code uses jquery (1.6.4in this case), cross browser CSS3  and google fonts to make an small times table activity for students.

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