High Quality, Free SCORM Authoring Software #edtech

Totally Free Rapid eLearning Creation Software from iSpringI’ve been using iSpring free for several years now and recommending it to teachers for various reasons.  Initially it was just very useful for publishing Powerpoint presentations to Flash that you could pretty much guarantee they would be available on any computer, and as a significantly smaller download generally.  However, since they added very basic SCORM tracking (time on task and percentage of pages viewed) to it it has become much more useful. The main thing is how simply it integrates with Powerpoint and the very limited options available also make it easy for inexperienced users to access.  It’s a perfect solution if all you really need to do is check that some information has been accessed.

Recently when I updated iSpring I discovered a new free product, iSpring Quizmaker.  Together with iSpring free this almost makes a complete rapid eLearning tool.  I say almost as there are only a very limited set of question types and, perhaps more importantly, you cannot integrate the quizzes directly into your Powerpoint presentations.  This means that if you create a presentation with an associated quiz you actually would have 2 completely separate SCORM activities.  Having said that Quizmaker has the option of creating content slides to intersperse with the quiz questions.  The software can be downloaded from here, http://www.ispringsolutions.com/free-quiz-maker.

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