#Moodle for Mobile Learning

Can you use Moodle to deliver eLearning to Smartphones and Tablets?

Some people wonder what they may need to do in order to access interactive Moodle content on a mobile device.

Over the years we have used the basic Moodle quizzes successfully on a variety of mobile devices. Fortunately (or unfortunately!) Moodle quizzes produce fairly standard html/javascript that will display fine on most mobile devices. If you want to make them look nicer you could use css3 to improve their appearance, but that would involve playing with themes. One of the advantages of using the general Moodle quizzes is the fact that the tracking and reporting is very robust, as the system has been designed to work together from start (quiz screen) to finish (database and report screens).
Another free option would be to use Hot Potatoes which also outputs to fairly standard HTML/javascript which can be styled, and will report to the markbook.
With both of these options you will need to avoid any of the question types which allow ‘drag and drop’ as the way this works on mobile devices is different from on a PC. You will also need to be careful with screen size.
A more expensive, and more visually appealing, solution is to use Articulate Storyline or the latest version of Adobe Captivate to create HTML5 SCORM packages. There are a couple of possible issues with this:-
1) In my experience SCORM tracking in Moodle is unreliable and less detailed than the Moodle quiz
2) Storyline won’t work on Blackberry devices (this may not be an issue for you though)

Another thing that you will have to be aware of with Moodle and mobile devices is the fact that Moodle is quite heavy in terms of what it needs to load in terms of javascript and css style files, and the actual course pages. I’m not sure if there are moodle themes available that actually try to reduce this overhead, but an easy thing to do is remove all of the blocks from courses to make them faster loading and remove any additional javascript.

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