Are gimmicks OK if they work? #edtech

In the UK there has been quite a lot of publicity and investigation of Aurasma, one of the first easily accessible ‘augmented reality’ apps, in FE and HE.

Thankfully earlier limited versions of the system are now more flexible with the possibility of building your own ‘channel’ of trigger images and associated links or media without having to go to the trouble and expense of getting a bespoke Aurasma app onto the app store.

Some of the videos of use look really nice, but it does seem that most people end up using it as a jazzed up QR code reader.  You have trigger images on the posters (eg, a picture of a frog next to the vivarium with said frog) that may link to a video or basic text details with more info, but the main difference is that the trigger image looks nicer than a QR code.  There’s a case study from South Staffordshire College here,

What do you think?  Is the extra time and effort of creating trigger images for Aurasma worth the effort if students like the novelty?

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