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Simple Powerpoint Slide Presentation Timer #edtech #edchat

A colleague recently asked if it was possible to have a timer running across an entire Powerpoint Presentation.  I had tried before with a Flash timer, but it always reset … Continue reading

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Single Sign On useful hint for #moodle

For better or worse we have Single Sign On on our Moodle 2.5 install, and most of the time it is positive simplifying  and speeding up use for most people.  … Continue reading

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Better than a twitter feed on your VLE course page #edtech

If you post much on Twitter you have probably come across as it randomly picks up hash-tagged tweets and automatically spins them into a themed newspaper.  I have no … Continue reading

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Coggle, a really Simple Online Mindmap #edtech

There have been a few online Mindmappers that I have liked over the years. is nice because you can easily make a mindmap without logging in, and it lets you … Continue reading

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Slow #Moodle 2+ Administrator Account? What can you do? #edtech

Are you an administrator on a Moodle 2 or above server? Have you suffered from very slow page loads? When we first set up our college Moodle 2.5 we were … Continue reading

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The Essential #Moodle 2.0 Repository

If you are running any Moodle 2+ install on a local server one of the most important things to do is set up a “file system repository”.  This allows you to … Continue reading

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Online Font Identifier #webdesign

Ever wanted to find out which font has been used in a logo or other image?  Without being a super design geek you can use an online service to upload … Continue reading

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Display iOS or Android Content on Epson Wireless Projector #edtech

OK, so this is clearly an advert, but we bought some Epson interactive projectors because they were cheaper than a short throw projector and a Smartboards, and then found that you … Continue reading

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Smartboard and Powerpoint Timers #edtech

Free Eclipse and Egg Timer Animations in Smartboard Notebook and Powerpoint Files. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 minute buttons

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Using Google to ‘check’ idioms #efl

Use Google Search to find out how common English Idioms are before you decide to learn them. Use ” ” to see how common idioms are in Google to see which … Continue reading

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