Helping Students Remember the Important Things! #edtech

Keep Track of Assignments and Exams with a Smartphone App

One of the biggest problems students have is remembering when important tasks such as assignments need to be completed by.  This becomes especially complicated when they are studying multiple subjects or modules, for example the UK’s BTEC qualifications.  As organisations can’t provide students with the same device it’s important to find a service that can work on all devices.

Wunderlist is a web-based and app-based service that works across all of the major mobile platforms, including Blackberry.  It allows students to set up separate ‘to-do’ lists (for example you could have work, studies etc) and then set up tasks within them.  Tasks can have notes, a due date, a simple priority flag and also email reminders added.  However, the true beauty is that you can recommend the service to students regardless of their mobile device.

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  1. MozJap says:

    My advice is to not build courses. Build learning. Most people are too busy to sit through courses, they just want the information presented as clearly and concisely as possible. Short snippets or tutorials help learners become performers faster than courses. There are always exceptions, but for task based training, like software training, just show them how to do the tasks without forcing them to sit through screen after screen after screen of courseware.