Simple Interactive #Moodle Content (Part 2)

Create Engaging Moodle Activities Easily and Quickly

One of the more interesting quiz types in Moodle is the Embedded Answers (Cloze) activity, but it is also the most difficult to author.  An example is below:

Moodle cloze quiz example

A couple of people have come up with tools to help write these questions more easily, and once you have found these tools this quiz type is very quick to produce from existing material.

An easy and flexible one to use comes from the University of Tübingen and can be accessed online through this link,  The online activity creates text formatted correctly for any version of Moodle, but it is also possible to download the code which modifies the Moodle text editor so the system is integrated into your Moodle install.

There’s also a downloadable Java program created by Michele Fabbri, an 18 year old student from Italy.  The Moodle discussion and links are here,

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2 Responses to Simple Interactive #Moodle Content (Part 2)

  1. Ahmad says:

    It is totally up to the design of the course in either Blackboard or Moodle. Blackboard 9.1 makes it VERY easy to add any type of document, link, assignment, test or anything else for that matter into 1 unit or week folder. You can also hide that folder and really just focus on the content that is important that week.It’s not the tool that determines this whole pedagogy argument, it is the design of the course. if instructors did it badly before using Moodle, no big chance that it will improve after the institution makes the switch to Moodle.I’m sorry if I’m not that impressed with the analogy The whole thing works in both Moodle and Blackboard as well.Since you’re coming from Blackboard 8 and looking at Moodle, I would suggest to look and test version 9.1 of Blackboard. The interface changes and flow of the work has been greatly improved. Our institution just upgraded to Blackboard 9.1. I’ve seen Moodle as well, and have worked with it too. At this point I would probably prefer Blackboard 9.1, because I think the interface looks better. The functionality is pretty much the same.Good luck with the process!

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