Simple Interactive #Moodle Content (Part 1)

Create Engaging Moodle Activities Easily and Quickly

Even after using Moodle for many years it’s possible to rediscover aspects of it that seem to fit with changes in the way that teachers and students work.  A slightly surprising example of this is the downloadable Moodle Game module, available here for version 1.9 and 2.0+.

The game module is simple in implementation but useful both in face-to-face (if you have a pc and projector) and online delivery.  The simplest way to use this is to use the built in glossary system to create a list of terms and definitions that can be used in either a crossword or a hangman game.

I use to quickly convert lists of words into the Moodle XML format for uploading into the Moodle glossary.  Unfortunately they have recently updated the system to require you to login with your Facebook or Twitter account, but it does work simply and easily.

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