iPad and Flash

You can play Flash on an iPad!

Looks like I’m a little behind the times here. A few months ago I found that Opera had been able to get a version of their Mini web browser into the app store, presumably because it would allow users to access websites quickly even with a limited speed connection.  This was handy (or unwanted!) for other reasons as well, accessing the internet through Opera’s proxy server also allows you to go around security restrictions in organisations that block certain sites.

However, the really important thing is that since then there appear to be more and more alternative browsers that can be downloaded from the app store, some paid for and some for free.  And some of these now support Flash content.  The people at iSpring (creators of rapid elearning software publishing to flash) recently produced a quick survey of available browsers (http://www.ispringsolutions.com/articles/can-i-play-flash-on-ipad-yes.html) and it seems that the best bet for accessing Flash eLearning content through the iPad (or iPhone) is to use the Puffin browser, which has both paid for and free versions.

The Puffin Browser works in the same way as Opera, downloading content through their own server (which was blocked by our corporate filter)  When the site had been allowed, Puffin worked very quickly and well with both my exercises and some Adobe Captivate files.  The only problem was that, as it runs through a proxy, it was possible to access adult content which wouldn’t work in many schools and colleges.  Anyway for personal use it is certainly worth a try for free!

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  1. Jexux says:

    Every project / elearning environement needs to be designed to the audience that will be using it. Every learner has the same goal…to get the most out of Training the most “Bang for your Buck!” I not only want learners and users of my e-Learning modules to read the text on the screen and pass the assessments, but I also want them to try it on their own in a simulated environment

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