iPad Screen Sharing #ipaded

More than apps. Using an iPad for in-class collaboration.

Everybody loves iPads for learning but I have to say that until recently I have just seen them as personal learning devices, great for differentiation of tasks but not much use as a resource to be used across a class.  At a recent event there was a college who were making really good use of the iPads with Apple TV, and another eLearning developer who was achieving the same thing with Airserver.

The basic concept is very simple, both Apple TV, Airserver and Reflection allow the screen of an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to be wirelessly sent to a projector via an Apple TV or a PC.  So any app used on the iPad can be viewed by the entire class easily, complete with all user interaction.  In addition, if you have multiple iDevices it is also simple to swap between devices displaying on the screen.  Particularly useful for sharing research.

Perhaps the best thing about this is that it replaces and offers improvements over interactive boards or wireless tablets, but can be achieved at a lower cost and allow the use of students’ own devices.

This is just a short comparison of the options.

Apple TV is a hardware solution so is more expensive, but only requires a projector (with an HDMI connection)
Airserver will work on a Mac Snow Leopard upwards or Windows Vista upwards (Windows is only $7.99, half the price of the Mac version)
Reflection will work on Windows XP but is slightly more expensive at $14.99

In addition, some Android apps allow for the sharing of video to all of these.

The edreach blog has some nice ideas about how to use iPads in class.


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